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Budwig Protocol, English


Dr Johanna Budwig`s natural and holistic program for the improvement of health of patients suffering from chronic disease

There are numerous methods and diets which help in curing chronic diseases. We have chosen the Budwig Protocol because it is holistic in its approach. Its focus is on the physical, emotional and energetic part of an individual, which is crucial for the healing process. Only when we start considering an individual as a whole and bring one`s physical, mental and energetic state into balance, can we expect great results.

This is why we recommend a special diet and more than ten kinds of natural therapies which are helpful in strengthening and healing your body. Every species is capable of regeneration, but it has to be provided with adequate conditions to start the process.

What does the Budwig Protocol consist of?

The Budwig Protocol consists of therapies which boost your immune system, alkalize your blood, kill parasites and microorganisms, detoxify your body, stimulate proper cell growth and metabolism and help in restoring a healthy emotional life.

Approach to healing

Dr Johanna Budwig was one of the greatest German biochemists, as well as one of the best European cancer researchers. She was born in 1908 and she lived until the age of 95. She was nominated for the Nobel Prize seven times. Working with patients for more than fifty years, her diet and her protocol had over 90% success rate in curing patients with all types of cancer.

The approach of Dr Budwig teaches you how to successfully treat the causes of all types of cancer: breast cancer, lung cancer, brain cancer, prostate cancer, bone cancer, bladder cancer, cervical cancer, stomach cancer, etc., as well as chronic diseases: leukemia, Hodgkin disease, arthritis, asthma, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, eczema and other chronic conditions.

There are four main causes of cancer and most other diseases:

  • Toxins ( bacteria, viruses, parasites and their toxins)
  • Weak immune system (due to stress, emotional traumas, job burnout)
  • Acidic pH levels
  • Lack of oxygen ( the consequence of consuming bad fats and oils, poor circulation, lack of physical activity)

Just as a car would stop if one of its wheels was removed, so would cancer, too, if its causes were eliminated. Cancer does not mean a death sentence, but it is certainly a great challenge for which a skilled and disciplined approach is needed, using medicinal herbs, teas, specially chosen food and therapy.

Does the Budwig Protocol help with all types of cancer?

In her books, Dr Budwig explained how her healing plan improves the state of all body cells. It is unimportant where cancer cells are located or what name they have because the Budwig protocol gives cells what they need (essential fatty acids) in order to regain their normal function. This, however, does not mean that we recommend the same food and medicinal herbs to all patients. A precise diet plan and work program is determined after a medical examination, blood microscopy and SCIO testing, depending on your immunity, level of intoxication, energy, etc.

At the Budwig Centre there are papers documenting 30-year-long research and fifty years of the existence of the Budwig Protocol, as well as numerous studies analyzed by Dr Katarina Badawi.

Therapies and recovery

Dr Budwig’s therapies have been documented and have passed the tests of conventional medicine.

It is impressive that Dr Budwig observed recovery in patients after only three months of using her diet and a mixture of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese. In certain cases tumors reduced. She even helped some patients who had very little time left to live. It is obvious that Dr Budwig’s achievements in cancer research were enormous. In one of her books, Dr Budwig wrote: ‘’I often take a very sick patient from hospital where he or she was told that they only had a short time left, just a couple of days or a couple of hours. This is usually followed by good results. The first thing these patients or their families tell me is that they were told at the hospital that they would no longer be able to urinate or empty their bowels. They suffered from dry cough and they were not able to cough up mucus. Everything was blocked. The patients are greatly encouraged when suddenly, in all the symptoms, surface-active fats, rich in electrons (from the mixture of flaxseed oils and cottage cheese), start reactivating the vital functions making the patient feel better immediately.

Dangerous oils

Our diet often lacks unsaturated fatty acids, whereas we consume excessive amounts of artificial fats known as trans-fats (partially hydrogenated oils). These include refined cooking oil and margarine. Most oils are extracted from corn, sunflower, etc., using extremely high temperatures and chemicals. These are no longer living, natural oils but dead oils which bring death to those who use them. These oils enter the cell membrane, destroying its electrical charge. Without this charge, our cells start suffocating due to the lack of oxygen. It is no wonder that Dr Budwig discovered that the patients had a green shade of blood before starting with her protocol. Trans-fats are also responsible for type 2 diabetes because insulin is a large molecule which can hardly pass through the cell membrane into which artificial fats are absorbed.


Success in health improvement depends on how strictly the patient sticks to the protocol. Those who strictly follow all the instructions about diet and lifestyle see the improvement after three months already. Patients who have pains can already feel better during our therapies, which is in the first two weeks. The improvement in general energy levels, mood, appetite regulation and sleep can also be visible in the first two weeks. In cases where laboratory results are observed, e.g. sugar in blood, the change is visible in a month’s time. The success rate is 90%